10 Reaction Videos to the Greatest Christmas Gift of All: Puppies!

Christmas Puppy Surprise!!

If you can get past the portrait-mode-induced vertigo from the first minute of the clip (seriously people, turn your phone sideways before recording), you’ll find a touching video of two kids receiving the surprise of a lifetime after unwrapping two puppy portraits.

Myluan's Puppy for Christmas!!

What could be more heartwarming than watching an adorable little girl walk into a room full of presents on Christmas morning? Seeing her reaction when one of those presents turns out to be a new puppy!

SHOCK!! Puppy Surprise for Christmas (American Cockapoo)

Of course, as every good little girl and boy knows, Santa’s sleigh doesn’t just travel across the United States on Christmas Eve—it travels around the whole world, including the United Kingdom, which is where the next video on our list comes from. Watch as the sheer surprise of receiving an American Cockapoo puppy moves this little girl to tears.

A Very Special Christmas Gift

This lucky mother got a very special Christmas gift from her children. She shows off a great sense of humor in the video, but once her kids put the new Yorkie in her lap, she’s left speechless.

Reaction to a Saint Bernard for Christmas

WARNING: If you value your hearing, you may want to turn the sound down on your device before watching. This woman is REALLY excited about meeting her new St. Bernard puppy for the first time.

Christmas Puppy - For Grandma & Grandpa

The look on this grandmother’s face when her surprise puppy peeks its head of a Christmas-themed gift sack is absolutely priceless.

Christmas Goldendoodle Puppies from Santa!!

When you hear puppy sounds coming from the family present, you know it’s going to be a great Christmas an unforgettable New Year.

Corgi Surprise || Best Gift Ever

Imagine that you’re sitting on the couch blindfolded and asked to hold out your hand while waiting for your Christmas present. Suddenly, you feel something cold and wet on the tip of your finger, and your hands begin to feel a pair of furry, Yoda-shaped ears. You take off the blindfold and see an adorable corgi puppy face inches from your own and a portly corgi body wrapped in a red sweater. Best Christmas ever? Best Christmas ever.

Christmas Puppy Surprise 2015

Having trouble getting into the Christmas Spirit this year? Check out this video of kids reacting to the discovery of a tiny puppy in a Santa hat on their doorstep and say goodbye to Grinch-iness.

Corgi Puppy Christmas Surprise

There’s no puppy in this video per se, but this girl’s reaction to hearing that she is getting a corgi puppy is positively heartwarming.

Bonus: Christmas Puppy Surprise (Compilation)

Finally, if you’re short on time and searching for a quick-fix of Christmas cuteness in one convenient location, look no further than this hilarious and touching compilation of kids reacting to their number-one most-wanted holiday gift: a Christmas puppy!

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