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    Why Do Dogs Howl?

    While canine experts are still trying to learn more about the role howling plays in the daily lives of dogs, there’s plenty of evidence to oppose the notion that it’s merely senseless noise.

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    Troubleshooting the Dog: Getting Him To Come When Called

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    Do Dogs Recognize Our Faces?

    Your dog rushes to greet you at the door when you come home, seeks you out at the dog park, and is always ready to comfort with a lick or a paw. You and your canine may share a truly special bond, but does your dog recognize your face? Could he pick you out of a crowd? Scientists originally speculated that only humans and other primates had the ability to recognize faces, but new research into the canine brain has turned that theory on its head.

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    60 Days to Puppies: The Canine Pregnancy Calendar

    The human gestation period spans approximately nine months, giving us ample time to prepare for a little bundle of joy.
    Unfortunately, our canine companions don’t get off so easily. Their gestation period spans approximately 60–64 days, with 62 days being the average. We’ve got a lot of work to do to prepare!

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    24 Reasons (and Photos) To Explain Why You Should Get a Yorkie . . . Today

    In August, CKC began a new tradition: the Featured Breed of the Month. We selected the Yorkshire Terrier as our first featured breed, and our readers loved learning more about the feisty dogs through our infographic, and many couldn't help showing off their own prized pups in our online Yorkie photo contest.

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