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    Wolfing It Down: Eating Too Quickly Can Be Fatal for Dogs

    While it may seem like a funny little quirk in your dog's behavior, scarfing down dinner in record time can actually be quite hazardous to his health.

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    5 Nutrition Tips for Mommies To Be

    Ensuring a healthy litter of puppies does not start with feeding the pups a quality food, but feeding the dam a quality food for life, especially during the pre-breeding and pregnancy periods. Many commercial dog foods are less than adequate for companion dogs, let alone pregnant or nursing dams

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    Creating Super Puppies with the Biosensor Routine

    The importance of early-puppy handling cannot be stressed enough. Many breeders of the top-performing dogs today agree and use a system that is known as the Biosensor Routine. The Routine was discovered by the U.S. military during wartime and was instituted into our own military canine training program.

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    Ask the Trainer: Teach Your Dog to High-Five

    This trick is guaranteed to impress and delight everyone, including you.

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    10 Tips for Teaching Your Dog To Heel

    Heel means that your dog will walk near your side, with you leading the way, with or without a leash, though you may appreciate having the extra control of a leash if your dog is learning heel for the first time.

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