• 12-Household-Items-That-Can-Hurt-Your-Dog---Preview.png

    12 Household Items That Can Hurt Your Dog

    Here are 12 everyday items that responsible owners should keep far away from their fur buddies.

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  • Abandoned-Puppy-Born-Without-Front-Legs-Now-Walking-Tall-Thanks-to-Rescuers-preview.jpg

    Abandoned Puppy Born Without Front Legs Now Walking Tall Thanks to Rescuers

    After being rescued from a tied-up plastic bag in a garbage can, the care of kindhearted animal lovers gave Cupid his life back. But they weren’t content to just stop there, and now the cute and cuddly little pup is getting his legs back as well!

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  • Valentines-Preview.jpg

    You'll Love These Valentine's Day Pups

    After receiving so many adorable pictures of dogs celebrating Valentine's Day for our monthly photo contest, it was really hard to pick a winner. See if our favorites match up with yours!

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  • Puppy-Bowl-XIII-Highlights.jpg

    Puppy Bowl XIII Highlights

    Sure, there was a historic victory during this year’s Super Bowl, but the excitement wasn’t limited to the NGR Stadium in Houston, Texas. If you caught any of the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XIII, you know puppies were the real stars last Sunday. Here are some of the highlights for this year’s game.

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  • Puppy-Development-and-Behavior-Healthy-Stress.jpg

    Puppy Development and Behavior: Healthy Stress (Free Book!)

    In this post, we’re going to look at a few of the ways breeders can mold their puppies into resilient young dogs. And there’s a free eBook for you to download at the end!

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