Anatolian Shepherd Dog - Infographic Breed Spotlight

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The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is believed to have descended from ancient war and hunting dogs of Mesopotamia, and ancient herding dogs of the Middle East. Known for his strength, speed, and endurance, he is used in his native Turkey as an unwavering protector of livestock and property. In his homeland, he has remained second to none when it comes to the protection of herd animals against formidable opponents, such as the Persian Jaguar, the Anatolian Jaguar, and the now extinct Caspian Tiger. The steeps and plains of Anatolia have shaped the dog: the environment requires hardiness during harsh winters and durability for sweltering, arid summers. Circumstance also required that these dogs be capable of keeping up with roving herds and the nomadic peoples who depended on those herds, so persistent stamina was a must. Today, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog’s exceptional flock-guardian capabilities are coming front and center, and they are growing in popularity.

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