How To Help Your Dog Embrace A New Home

How to Help Your Dog Embrace a New Home

Moving can be a stressful experience, not just for you, but for your pet as well. When moving with your dog, you should keep in mind their needs and help the pet adjust to the new home.

Moving to the new home, out of state, locally, or internationally, requires planning and preparation. You not only need to decide how you’ll get the stuff from point A to B, but you also must prepare the dog for the moving process.

Allow the Dog to Get Familiar With Your Moving Supplies

It’s recommended to get moving supplies at least two weeks before leaving. Leave the items in one of the rooms and avoid loading up the room your dog uses for relaxation. Also, the items should not impede the pet’s ability to play in the space, eat and drink, or take a nap. When the dog develops familiarity with the items, it will be easier for the pet to move to the new environment.

If you’re moving to another state and you don’t have a big budget, you can consider staying with a friend or loved one while you work on getting a good place to settle. Arrange with the family or friends in the new state to host you for several days and take some time to research housing options and local employment. Check if your pet will get good accommodation while you’re hosted by your family or friends.

Prepare for the Trip

Think about where you’re moving to and how to get there with your pet. Whether on a road trip with your dog or moving to a place you need to fly on a plane, the pet needs to be comfortable through the entire process. To prepare for the journey, get a well-fitted car harness for the pet to ensure the time spent in the car is safer. You can also get a travel crate, which is useful if you’re flying or using a car. If the trip will require staying at a hotel, research dog-friendly accommodation.

Also, find tips and techniques that can help you remain calm through the process. Moving can be overwhelming to you and your dog, so learn heavy breathing techniques that can keep you calm when you begin to feel stressed. Dogs can easily pick up on our emotions, so less stress for you means less stress for them.

Spread Your Scent

Pets, especially dogs, use their sense of smell to navigate the world around them. It’s important to keep things consistent throughout the move to help the pet feel more comfortable. A good way is to spray certain fragrances around your home weeks prior to the move. After this, the new home will have the same scent, and the dog will feel more comfortable.

Set Up Your Pet’s Space

One of the things you must do when you arrive in the new home is to prepare a space for your pet. Layout their blankets, bowls, bed, and toys in one corner to help the dog feel secure among all the chaos of moving. The place in the home you choose does not need to be permanent, so you can pick somewhere to hold the pet until everything in the home is organized.

Give Your Dog Lots of Loving

Just being around the dog sounds simple enough. The problems come when moving, as you can be overwhelmed and unintentionally ignore the dog and skip things like their routine walk. So, ensure you’re committed to spending quality time with the dog to help them settle in the new environment.


Relocating to a new home with a pet involves more work as you must think about your needs and those of your pet. To help the pet settle in the new home, prepare their space early, and keep routine activities like walking. Also, don’t neglect your dog because of the many tasks you have to deal with after moving.

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