• Breed Spotlight Cairn Terrier Infographic Preview

    Cairn Terrier - Breed Spotlight

    Much of the Cairn Terrier’s popularity can be attributed the breed’s success in cinema. In the film adaption of The Wizard of Oz, the role Toto was played by a Cairn Terrier named Terry. Over the course of her film career, Terry performed alongside a number of A-list actors and starred in a total of sixteen films.

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  • Canine Pregnancy Calendar Thumbnail 2

    Canine Pregnancy Calendar (Video)

    Our Canine Pregnancy Calendar will help you know what to expect when expecting a litter of puppies! For your peace of mind and the mother's health, find out what will happen and when!

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  • CKC Breed Standards

    What is CKC's Approach to Breed Standards for Dogs?

    Continental Kennel Club was founded as an all-breed open registry. With that in mind from the start, CKC has recognized and registered hundreds of purebred dog breeds, as well as a number of different types and varieties of each breed in an effort to keep breeding populations as diverse and healthy as possible.

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  • Breed Type Explained CKC

    What is Breed Type and How Do Breed Standards Change for Dogs?

    In the last video, we discussed breed standards, their importance, and where they came from. But what is a breed type and how is it different from a breed standard? We will find the answer to those questions as well as discuss how breed standards have changed over time, and look at some examples of how breed types, like the English Bulldog, have been affected by these changes.

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  • Proper Methods To Dispose Of Dog Poop The Green Way

    Proper Methods To Dispose Of Dog Poop The Green Way

    If you have a dog, you know that it needs to be taken out for a walk. That's when your dog will want to poop. As a dog owner, you are responsible for ensuring the dog poop is properly disposed of. You cannot allow your dog to mess up the streets or parks.

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