Puppy on the Way? Be Prepared for Your Newest Arrival

Congratulations! You have a new puppy! Puppies are the cutest and can bring so much joy to your life. They can create memories for years to come. Your new four-legged fur baby will make you happy, irritated, shake your head, and put a smile on your face. Puppies come with a lot of responsibility and need a lot of care. Do you have everything you need for the newest member of your family?


Must Haves  

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Food and Treats

So, you probably already knew that food was at the top of the list. Your puppy needs to eat to reach his full potential as a mature adult dog. His food should be rich in nutrients to help his growing body. A lot of dog food brands make food specific for puppies. You’ll also need something for your puppy to eat and drink from. There are a variety of bowl options for puppies and adult dogs. They make porcelain, plastic, stainless steel, and many others. When choosing one consider how easy it will be to clean. Stainless steel bowls are easy to clean and won’t bother dogs with nylon allergies. Along with food, your puppy will also need some treats. Not only do they add some excitement to his life, but they will also be vital when training starts. Consider picking up some treats specifically made for puppies. They may be a little easier on his stomach.


Chew Toys

Would you rather your dog chews your furniture or a $2 toy? That’s a pretty easy question. The toy, right? Having chew toys is a must when your puppy comes home. Your puppy will definitely need a chew toy during the teething months. Introducing a chew toy at an early age will help your puppy learn what’s acceptable to chew on and what’s not.


Puppy Pads

Your puppy is probably going to have accidents in the house. It’ll take him some time to understand the ins and outs of potty time being outside. Puppy pads are a cheap and absorbent covering that can help protect your floors. They’ll come in handy once your puppy comes home. Newspapers are also effective for helping protect your floors.


Collar and Leash

Puppies don’t come with collars or leashes. You’ll need to make sure you have one for your puppy when he gets home. Introducing them to your puppy at a young age can make him more comfortable with the idea of wearing a collar and using a leash. He may seem a little skeptical at first, but it’s only because it’s a foreign object to him. Give him time, and soon he won’t even think twice about his collar or leash.


Smart Buys


Baby Gate

If you already own one of these or have owned one, you know how effective they are at keeping babies and toddlers where they’re supposed to be and out of places they aren’t. Baby gates can be just as effective for your four-legged baby too. Don’t want your puppy in your room? Put up a baby gate. Want your puppy to stay in a specific area of the house? Put up a baby gate. Baby gates aren’t necessarily a must-have for your puppy, but they can be very effective at helping you with your puppy.



A crate can become your dog’s favorite place. It can provide the feeling of a den virtually anywhere. It’s best to introduce a crate to a puppy as soon as possible. This will help your puppy see the crate as a safe place and not a punishment. Crates coupled with effective crate training can prove invaluable in all stages of your dog’s life. Crates can help keep your dog safe and out of trouble. If you have to go to the vet, it’s much safer for your dog to be in a crate instead of bouncing around the car like a nervous ball of energy. If a dog is trained properly, then his crate will become his own personal space.


Grooming Essentials

Starting with grooming habits at a young age will help you in the future. Your dog won’t be skeptical of a hairbrush or nail clippers if he’s seen them since he was a puppy. Tools like hair clippers, a hairbrush, nail clippers, and a toothbrush are things you can introduce. You may not need them at a young age, but you can still familiarize your puppy with them. Your puppy won’t be scared when the day comes, and his nails need to be clipped.



Puppies can bring so much joy to everyone they meet. You will probably have some long nights and a few stumbles, but these items will hopefully make it easier for you. Remember to have fun with your puppy and let them become part of your family. You can find out more information on what you’ll need for your puppy and other topics in our book Puppies 101: A Complete Guide to Life with Your Pup.

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