7 Grooming Techniques That Make for a Happy Dog

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to houses—good grooming and cleaning techniques, especially in the warmer months, are important for dogs, too. Nail care, regular brushing, and bathing should all become a part of your dog’s regular routine. The following seven tips should make your grooming regimen easier for you and your dog.

1. Start Brushing Regularly

Brushing your dog is the key to keeping her coat clean and tangle-free. Brushing can also help deepen the relationship you have with your dog. A good rule of thumb is to start a regular brushing routine to get your dog comfortable. Stick with a regular weekly brushing time and provide a treat afterward.

2. Give Your Dog More Frequent Baths

As the weather changes in the spring and summer, you should bathe your dog more frequently. It’s recommended to bathe your dog at least once every three months. If your pooch is outside more often, or has some skin problems, be sure to increase her bath frequency.

Make sure you choose the right shampoo. Your favorite bottle of Pantene won’t work on your dog so use a dog shampoo for the best results. Pick one that fits your dog’s coat color and fur type. You can also look into all-natural shampoos that are scent-free and safer for your dog’s skin.

3. Keep an Eye Out for Spring Shedding

Shedding is no joke in the spring. While it’s a normal process, your dog is likely to shed more in the spring as she’s getting rid of her thick winter coat. Watch how much your dog sheds and minimize the amount of hair in your home by brushing her regularly. If you think your dog sheds excessively, you might want to look at changing pet foods as proper nutrition can play a role.

4. Clip Nails With the Right Equipment

Nail trimming might be your dog’s least favorite part of grooming, but it can be easier with the right tools. First, be sure that your dog is used to the sound of nail clippers or a nail grinder before using them, since a frightened or anxious dog can be difficult to groom. Then clip your dog’s nails close to, but not beyond, the pink portion (also known as the quick) for white nails. If she has black nails, the quick will look like a solid black dot in the center of the nail. Always use sharp clippers for nail trimming and close them quickly to prevent chipping or splitting.

5. Cutting Your Dog’s Hair

You don’t have to leave this to the expensive dog groomers. Use professional dog shears or clippers and think about purchasing a grooming table so your dog can stay still. Always cut your dog’s hair while he or she is dry and standing up. Carefully start with one piece of fur and then move around your dog’s body while keeping the trim consistent.

6. Dogs Use Deodorant, Too

Like humans, dogs get smelly. However, it’s easy to fix with a safe deodorant or spray. These products can help stop the smell in between baths or after a long day outside. There are even homemade options such as a rosemary-mint spray or vinegar spray to neutralize dog odor.

7. Check Those Paws

Paw care is one of those important but often overlooked factors. Those cute little feet give your dog the cushioning she needs to play outside, protect her bones and joints, and help fight extreme weather. Check your dog’s feet regularly to make sure there are no wounds, infections or objects stuck in their paws. Use a moisturizer if you notice your dog’s feet are especially dry or cracked from walking outside.

Start Grooming Today

These seven simple techniques are all things you can start doing with your dog today. Use the right tools and ease your pet into a grooming routine that includes things such as nail care, paw treatments, and regular baths. Your dog will thank you for it.


Emily is a freelance wildlife conservation and pet blogger. To check out more of her work, see her blog, Conservation Folks, or follow her Twitter account @emilysfolk.

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