WATCH: Black Lab Ran Away from Home and Returned with Some Interesting Friends

When Kyle and Laura Krier’s black Lab, Bo, went out for a potty break one evening this month, the Kansas couple had no idea that his late night tinkle trip would soon transform into a full-on adventure that would include running off miles away to play with some friends.

Laura had taken Bo out to do his business, but at some point a light-colored dog caught his attention and led him away from the area. When the Kriers realized that their dog had left the yard and wouldn’t be coming back, they started to worry about what might happen to Bo outside the safety of his home. Instead of taking the unfortunate turn of events lying down, Kyle and Laura set out to find their dog. But, even though they searched high and low, they still couldn’t track Bo down.

“We looked all over the place for him and could not find him,” Laura told the Daily Mail. We decided to go home and wait for him to come back but he never did. I went out in the morning to look for him and found no sign of him anywhere.”

But, as bad as the situation seemed, the Kriers’ luck would soon change for the better. Laura received a call from someone who had recently seen a dog fitting Bo’s description playing in a field about six miles from the Kriers’ home. But he wasn’t alone.

“My wife got a call that someone had just about hit a black lab, a white lab and a goat on the road,” Kyle recalled. “My wife called me and told me the news and I knew right away that was our dog. I left work right away. I saw the crew out in a cut bean field on the east side of the highway.”

As you can see in the video, the so-called trio looked like black and white dots in the distance, but as soon as Bo stops and sees Kyle, he comes rushing toward him, along with the other dog and a goat following closely behind.

As soon as Bo gets close to Kyle’s truck, he instinctively jumps right in, and the other dog follows suit. The goat, however, probably a bit less familiar with vehicular travel, waits a few seconds before sheepishly jumping with the others. Kyle later said that “the ride [home] was the funniest,” but unfortunately he wasn’t able to film it because he had to focus on the road.

So, what started out as a sad story ultimately ended up a little closer to a Disney movie brought to life. Let’s just hope Bo and crew don’t have any sequels planned.

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