Spring Decorating Ideas for Dog Owners

Spring means the beginning of a lot of things: warmer weather, deep cleaning, a feeling of renewal, and, of course, shedding season for your pup. Now that spring has arrived, many dog owners may be looking to make some changes to their home with their dog in mind. Spring is a great time to make some decor upgrades because you may already be spring cleaning anyway, so why not capitalize on this energy for rejuvenation?


If you’re looking for spring decor ideas, there are so many ways to accomplish that while keeping your dog in mind. For one, there are plenty of animal themes that make for adorable decor. You can also incorporate plants in a safe way that won’t endanger your pet. Cycle through your belongings as well as your dog’s belongings. Play with fun furniture covers during shedding season, and work on keeping your pup groomed. Finally, it’s a great time to upgrade your dog’s kennel and include it as a design piece in your home.

Dog-Themed Decor

One great way to include your dog in your spring decorating is to incorporate some dog-themed decor options. You might try some dog-themed wall art, a decorative pillow with a paw print, or incorporating decor items of a specific dog breed. You can create an animal-themed room or decorate your dog’s own personal space with dog decor. Try looking at animal-themed bedrooms for inspiration on how to duplicate the look with dogs. You can go as subtle or big with this look as you would like. You can decorate with a professional painting of your pooch, a canvas print of your animals, or even a painting created by your own pet to create a more personalized look.

Indoor and Outdoor Spring Plants

Spring is a time for warm weather, which means more flowers and foliage. If you’re looking for some spring decor for inside or outside our home, plants may be the perfect item for this time of year. Not only are plants beautiful, they are great at bringing life to a room that may feel stagnant. However, it’s important to note that plants are one of the common dangerous household items that can impact the health of your pet. For indoor plants, you can help keep them from your dog by placing them on higher shelves, hanging them from the ceiling, or using wall planters. For outdoor plants, stay away from the dangerous species of plants, set up barriers, and be sure to supervise your pets around any plants.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Spring cleaning is a staple for many households that includes cycling through old items and deep cleaning certain areas of the home. When doing this for your house and members of the family, remember to do it for your pet as well. Throw out or donate old, damaged toys and replace them. Engaging toys are especially important if you’re living in an apartment or smaller house without as many stimulating activities for your pup, so make sure you’re getting toys that will keep her interested. Cycling through them is a great way to keep your dog interested in toys in general. Clean or replace bedding items, bowls, containers, etc. to ensure that your dog’s things are in just as tip-top shape as the rest of your house.

Utilizing Furniture Covers

Warmer temperatures in the spring also mark the beginning of shedding season. Though this can be hard on certain types of fabrics in your home, you can fix the problem by implementing furniture covers in your spring decor. Search through colors, sizes, and patterns, and cover your furniture so you won’t have to worry about your dog’s hair plaguing it. The added perk is that furniture covers are also a fun decor item. However, you should still work on regular grooming during shedding season as well. You can also practice some pet-safe cleaning when dealing with the added dog hair so you don’t have to sacrifice your pet’s health or your home’s cleanliness.

Kennel Upgrade

There’s a lot that can go into the cost of owning a dog. They need healthy food, frequent veterinary care, toys, etc., but they also need items to help them feel safe and comfortable in your home. Many dogs find that a kennel helps them to feel safe and secure. However, they can also be a big eyesore in terms of your home’s decor and design. This spring, consider upgrading your dog’s kennel into an item that doubles as a beautiful piece of furniture. If you’re handy you can make one yourself, otherwise it’s something you can buy. For a large dog, this kennel can be a centerpiece of a room. For smaller dogs, it can be an end table of sorts. This is one way to make your home pet-friendly without sacrificing the style of your home.


Spring is a time of renewal. Bringing that feeling into your home can be done with a good spring cleaning, or even a spring decor update. If you’re a dog owner, it’s important to know that your house can be stylish while also being pet-friendly as long as you’re being mindful. Whether you choose some dog-themed decor items, pet-safe plants, update your dog’s toys, use furniture covers, or choose a kennel upgrade, it’s possible to include your pup in your spring decorating decisions.

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