WATCH: 5 Spooky Stories of Ghost Dogs

It’s time once again to carve a pumpkin or two, cuddle up on the couch with your favorite fur buddy, and watch something that will make your hair (or fur) stand on end! If you’ve been on a mission to scare up a few spooky stories, then look no further. In this episode of Talkin’s Dogs, Krist and Devin explore five paws-itively haunting tales about man’s best friend.

The story of Maryland’s Blue Ghost Dog, for example, is scary enough to send chills up the spines of even the toughest of hombres and doggos. The tale goes that Charles Thomas Sims, a soldier in the Revolutionary War, entered a Port Tobacco, Maryland, tavern with his blue hound, where he drank and bragged about his wealth loud enough for some unsavory bar patrons to hear.

After a tipsy Sims left the bar with his dog, he was stalked and accosted by the two envious men near Rose Hill Manor, and they demanded he hand over both the gold and the property deed that he claimed to be carrying while drinking at the tavern. A fight broke out, and in the ensuing scuffle, Sims and his dog were both killed by the attackers near a large rock on the Rose Hill property.

After killing Sims and taking his belongings, the robbers decided to bury their ill-gotten goods. The gold and the deed were hidden beneath a holly tree so that the attackers could later come back to retrieve them when the coast was clear. However, little did they know that death would be the only thing waiting for them upon their return.

As the pair entered the site where they had buried the loot, they were stopped dead in their tracks by none other than the ghost of Charles Thomas Sims’s blue hound! The dog, fraught with anger for the murder of its master, raised its head into the air and let out a piercing howl before leaping after the killers. While the two men were able to flee the vengeful spirit, one fell ill on the spot and died not long after his encounter with the ghastly beast. Though he survived the ordeal, the other man never returned to unearth his cursed treasure.

From that time on, the treasure remained undisturbed, guarded vigilantly by the phantom of the soldier’s blue dog. Even though centuries have passed since the incident allegedly occurred, some in the area still claim to hear the haunting howls of the hellhound to this day, and a few poor souls even believe they have encountered the canine specter face to face.

Just remember, if you plan to take a trip to the Rose Hill property in Maryland, leave any ideas of searching for buried treasure at home, unless you dare to risk a run-in with the ghost dog himself—or, more likely, local law enforcement.

If this story wasn’t spooky enough for you, don’t worry. There are more eerie tales of canine phantasms waiting for you in the video. And, if you enjoy the video, don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

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