9 Fun Facts about German Shepherds

The German shepherd is one of the most popular dogs in the world, and second most popular in the US. This fact isn’t very surprising considering how loyal and hardworking the breed is. With the perfect work ethic and physical strength, the German shepherd is truly an exemplary dog.

But, people only know this about the German shepherd and nothing else much. So, if you want to learn some fun facts about this beautiful breed, keep on reading, and maybe this will actually convince you to get a German shepherd of your own.

1. A German shepherd is a heroic dog

Even without proper training, a German shepherd’s heroic instinct will always take over. This breed of dogs has been known to jump in front of danger to protect their owners, and run through the wilderness to get help, without being trained to do so. These are loyal dogs who will stop in front of nothing to protect the person they love, which makes them a great companion for everyone, from young children to elderly people.

2. A German shepherd is a work class dog

In the end, we all know that German shepherds were bred for one reason and one reason only: work. Their incredibly strong work ethic makes it that they always need something to do in order to thrive. Work is basically their reason to live, which is what makes them such great service dogs. German shepherds are known for having amazing energy levels, and they need something to spend that energy on, whether it’s guarding, herding, rescuing, or any other job you can think of that a dog can do.

3. A German shepherd is loyal and protective

For this special breed, the biggest job these dogs have is you. For them, as an owner, you are sacred and they will do anything and everything to protect you. This is why, if you adopt a German shepherd, you have to make sure to train and socialize him from early puppyhood onward, so he gets used to strangers and won’t see danger everywhere you go.

4. There isn’t much a German shepherd can’t do

After all, this dog has been bred to work all kinds of jobs, from performing to being police dogs, war dogs, and service dogs. This makes the breed the second-most-registered dog in the United States of America, right after the golden retriever.

5. German shepherd Mixes Can Be Amazing Dogs

For example, the mix between a German shepherd and a Siberian husky (commonly known under the name Gerberian shepsky) results in one glorious-looking creature—probably one of the most beautiful dogs out there. So, no matter which breed is crossed with the German shepherd, the result will always keep a certain elegance that is often rare in dogs.

6. A German shepherd needs to be properly socialized

German shepherds are often suspicious of strangers by nature. But, if your German shepherd is properly trained and socialized early on, you can have a well-behaved dog that can get along with other people and animals as well.

7. A German shepherd needs exercise

And by exercise, we mean a lot of it. This breed has tons and tons of energy to burn, so it needs daily exercise, from regular walks to playing catch or Frisbee. But not only that. Since the German shepherd is also a smart dog, he needs a lot of mental training so he wouldn’t get bored. So, if you don’t have time to take care of your dog, please do the animal world a favor and don’t get a German shepherd.

8. A German shepherd needs companionship

This breed doesn’t like being left alone for too long, which means that sometimes the dogs suffer from a bad case of separation anxiety. After a while, your dog will get frustrated and bored, and he will express this frustration by barking, chewing on things, and digging holes all around the yard. So be sure to keep him away from areas where he might cause mischief when you’re away.

9. A German shepherd eats quite a lot

Because of his high energy level, the German shepherd is a dog that burns a lot of calories and, thus, needs to eat regularly—up to two times a day. He needs food that is full of proteins, carbs, and fats, so he can load up on energy, which is why you need to buy your dog food that is specifically designed to meet your dog’s dietary needs.

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