• trip

    How to Plan a Trip that’s Fun for You & Your Dog

    If you’re planning a vacation, you should consider whether it’s possible for your dog to come along, too. After all, when you’re seeing a beautiful new place for the first time, don’t you want your best fur bud to be right there with you? This guide will help you plan a trip that’s great for you and your dog.

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  • continental-kennel-club_breed-profile_French-Bulldog-preview.jpg

    Breed Spotlight: the French Bulldog

    Workers who left Britain during the Industrial Revolution to find jobs as lace workers in France popularized the to bulldog breed in their host country. The now iconic, bat-like ears of the breed became a desired trait that distinguished the French Bulldog from the toy bulldog.

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  • grooming

    7 Grooming Techniques That Make for a Happy Dog

    It’s nearly spring, which means that your dog will be shedding her winter coat in no time. But, if you keep a good grooming regimen, you can take care of that extra hair before it becomes a problem. Pick up some helpful grooming tips to maintain your dog’s hair, nails, and skin with this short guide.

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  • behavior

    Dog Behaviors and Their Meanings

    If you’ve ever wondered why dogs do some of the things they do, you are in luck. This quick guide will show you some of the more common reasons behind a few of your dog’s most puzzling behaviors.

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  • popcorn.jpg

    Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? Healthy and Safe Snack Ideas for Your Pup

    Your dog begs for food all the time—but should you give it to her? Some human foods are perfectly fine for dogs, while others will make them sick. We’ll answer common questions about what human snacks are okay to feed your dog, plus we’ll give you tips for making healthy dog treats at home.

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