WATCH: 10 Insane Dog Laws

It doesn’t matter where you live, if you look hard enough, there’s a good chance that you’ll come across some outlandish laws in your home state. For instance, did you know that it’s illegal to toss dwarves in a Florida bar? Or that it’s against the law to sell a duckling that was dyed a different color in Kentucky?

But the strange decrees don’t end there. In fact, as the latest Talkin’ Dogs video demonstrates, there are plenty of unbelievable laws on the books that focus specifically on dogs.

For example, no one would think that making ugly faces at dogs could be a crime. And yet, if you’re caught blowing raspberries at a dog in Oklahoma, you could face consequences that will leave you with a serious scowl on your mug.

Also, you would think that a law prohibiting dogs from smoking cigars and sipping on adult beverages wouldn’t be necessary, since no one would actually do that. However, you would be sadly mistaken. In Illinois there is a law on the books to stop exactly that!

How life became so rough and tumble for Illinois dogs that this law was considered necessary remains a mystery, but if it was a serious enough issue to demand the attention of Illinois officials, then it’s probably for the best that this one made it into the books. After all, no one wants to hang around someone who reeks of booze and cigar smoke, much less a dog.

There are plenty of other bizarre dog laws in the video that will leave you scratching your head and asking, “What were they thinking?” so be sure to give it a look. And, if you enjoy this video and want to see more, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe!

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