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    Deaf and Partially Blind Dog Protects Three-Year-Old Girl Lost in Harsh Australian Bushland

    When a toddler wandered off from her grandmother’s home in the middle of the afternoon last Friday, the situation appeared grim. Thankfully, she wasn’t alone on her outing, and the elderly dog that followed her made all the difference in the world.

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    The Benefits of Having a Dog in Your Golden Years

    Any dog owner understands the many ways that dogs enrich our lives, but did you know that many of those benefits are amplified for senior citizens? Read on to find out how a dog can make the difference in an elderly person’s life.

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    5 Remedies for Arthritis in Dogs

    If you have a dog with arthritis, you know how difficult it can be to watch him struggle with the aches and inflammation that come from the condition. Here are five remedies that may help you to relieve your dog’s arthritis pain.

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    Dog Directed Speech

    Do you talk to your dog? If the answer is yes, don’t feel bad—you’re (probably) not crazy. In fact, recent studies have shown that your four-legged friend is likely picking up more from your conversations than you realize. Read on to learn about Dog Directed Speech and how it can grab the attention of your dog.

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    Emotional Support Dogs: What You Should Know

    Emotional support dogs provide a vital service for people in need, but many people still don’t understand exactly what they are and how they help. Read on to learn more about these life-changing animals, including what separates them from service dogs.

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