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    How to Read Your Dog’s Food Label

    While there’s no shortage of choices when it comes to dog food, it isn’t always easy to separate the good stuff from the junk. But have no fear, this guide will give you lots of useful info and tips to make better choices for your dog’s diet.

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    Is It Possible to Have a Dog While Living With Asthma?

    Living with asthma can be difficult, and unfortunately the presence of furry animals in the home can exacerbate the problem. But living with asthma doesn’t always have to mean living a dog-free life. Learn about some of the steps asthma sufferers commonly take to minimize the risk of living with a four-legged friend.

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    How to Prepare Yourself and Your Pets for an Emergency

    Regardless of where you live, there’s always the frightening possibility that an emergency situation can force you to leave your home behind. When this happens, you want to make sure that you have a solid plan to get both yourself and your dog to safety. In this article, Emily Folk gives you some excellent tips for putting together an effective evacuation plan that includes your four-legged companion.

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