• gravy train

    Is Your Dog’s Food Safe? Euthanasia Drug Recently Discovered in Dog Food Prompts Recall from Major Brands

    A Washington woman’s New Year’s Eve turned to tragedy when four of her dogs became gravely ill after consuming a can of Evanger’s wet dog food. Last Friday, the FDA warned pet owners that dog food from a number of popular brands had become contaminated with a drug commonly used in the euthanization of dogs, cats, and horses.

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  • Games

    Can Video Games Improve the Brains of Senior Dogs?

    Just like the body, experts often recommend daily mental exercises to keep the brain in shape. But can the same be said for dogs? A Vienna-based research team may have the answer.

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  • safe healthy diet

    Tips for Feeding Your Dog a Safe and Healthy Diet

    When it comes to dog food, the massive number of available options can be more than a little intimidating. But that doesn’t mean you have to blindly buy a bag and hope for the best. Read on to see which ingredients you should be looking for—and avoiding—in your dog’s diet.

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  • 7 Ways.jpg

    7 Ways to Keep Exercise Exciting for You and Your Dog

    If your daily cardio routine involves taking your dog out for walks, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut after a while. Thankfully, Emily Folk is here with a few ideas to help you spice up your regimen.

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  • why do dogs eat poop.jpg

    Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? Science May Finally Have the Answer

    Poop: why do they eat it? Why, oh why, do they eat it? If you’re a dog owner who’s asked yourself this question, you are not alone. It’s a habit as repulsive as it is perplexing. But now UC Davis researchers believe they may have finally cracked the canine caca-eating code, and the answer may surprise you.

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