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    Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? Healthy and Safe Snack Ideas for Your Pup

    Your dog begs for food all the time—but should you give it to her? Some human foods are perfectly fine for dogs, while others will make them sick. We’ll answer common questions about what human snacks are okay to feed your dog, plus we’ll give you tips for making healthy dog treats at home.

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    Is Your Dog a Dog Park Bully?

    Dog parks are wonderful amenities for urban communities, as much perk as necessity. Dog parks add value to city life, an opportunity for dogs and owners to enjoy outdoor fun in the absence of backyards. Unfortunately, dog-park bullies can ruin the experience.

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    Reasons to Make Dog Walking Your Side Gig

    Hey, it never hurts to make a little extra money, and if you love canines, dog walking seems like the perfect way to do just that. But, as great as the job can be, it isn’t all pets and cuddles, and there are many things you’ll need to consider before jumping in. Read on to see if dog walking is the right side job for you.

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  • phoenix

    5 Great Adventures to Take Your Dog on in Phoenix

    If you’re looking for a unique vacation spot that offers plenty to do for you and your pup, consider taking a trip to the Southwest! In this guide, Jeremy Alderman helps you plan the perfect getaway to dog-friendly Phoenix, Arizona.

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  • diabetic

    3 Necessary Precautions to Take When Using Blood-Glucose Monitors on Diabetic Dogs

    If you have a diabetic dog, you may need to use a blood-glucose monitoring system to keep track of his health. Learn about the three precautions you should always take before testing your dog's blood to keep him safe.

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