WATCH: Bone Appétit: Dog Kibble as Cereal

If you’ve ever stumbled into the kitchen in your P.J.s only to find an empty cereal box, you know the struggle of having to do without when what you really want is a nice bowl of cereal.

Somewhere in the back of your mind, you might’ve wondered, “Hey, Spot’s bag of kibble over there looks an awful lot like cereal. It’s small, it’s crunchy, and it even comes in fun shapes. Could it . . . maybe . . . taste like cereal, too?”

Well, wonder no more! Watch Devin and Krist break out the milk, spoons, and cereal bowls as they rank five different kinds of kibble from best tasting to worst! We’re talking duck, halibut, mini-chunks (???)—all of your doggo’s favorites are here.

Oh, and spoiler alert: none of them taste anything remotely like cereal.

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