Watch: Cute Dog Interrupts Russian News Report

When Russian anchorwoman Ilona Linarte began her news broadcast last week, she probably thought it was going to be little more  than business as usual. However, a wandering black Lab showed up to ensure that this particular show would be anything but typical. Now a clip of the surprise guest appearance by her canine costar is going viral across the web.

The clip opens with Ms. Linarte giving a news report about a demolition in Moscow on Russia’s MIR 24 channel. Viewers can see the Lab first pop his head up over the desk and into frame within the first ten seconds, but Linarte appears blissfully unaware that a runaway dog is about to steal the show (either that, or she’s trying to maintain her professional composure, which naturally proves to be futile in the face of an adorable Lab who just can’t get enough attention). However, when the dog lets out a loud bark a few seconds later, the stalwart news reporter seems ready to jump out of her skin.

At that point, Linarte looked down only to see that a smiling, tail-wagging pup had moseyed up to her news desk, and it looked like he had no intentions of giving up the spotlight. “What is this dog doing in the studio?” the bewildered newscaster can be heard asking in the video.

The truth was that the Lab had entered the studio with his owner in order to appear on another TV show that was being filmed in the building, but somehow the sly dog managed to momentarily escape from his owner’s custody, which had in turn allowed him to do some exploring around the premises.

Once the dog made his presence known, however, it wasn’t long before he gained the courage to plop his head up on the desk and show off a nice, big smile for all the viewers at home. He then proceeded to nose around the desk and sniff about Linarte’s notes.

“This is why I’m a cat person” Linarte explained after leaning to the other side of her chair. Of course, anyone who has watched the now-famous Lab eagerly flopping around the news desk knows that his doggish charm is too much for anyone to withstand, which is why the video ends with a laughing Linarte petting him on top of his head and giving the camera-hog dog a hug. At nearly five million views and 43,000 likes as of the time of this post, it’s easy to see that the rest of the world can’t seem to resist the adorable doggo’s charm either.

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