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    Starting Puppies Off On the Right Paw

    Curb bad behaviors by training your dog early on in life.

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  • 8-Health-Benefits-of-Dog-Ownership.jpg

    8 Health Benefits of Dog Ownership

    Dog ownership can bring all sorts of wonderful gifts into your life, but did you know that it’s also associated with a number of significant health benefits?

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  • Cuteness-Overload-Two-Children’s-Hospital-Therapy-Dogs-Just-Got-Hitched-2.jpg

    Cuteness Overload: Two Children’s Hospital Therapy Dogs Just Got Hitched

    These two have been bringing smiles to the faces of Children’s Mercy Hospital patients and staff since their debut as resident therapy dogs in 2015. Now, the pair have taken their relationship to the next level with a beautiful wedding ceremony thrown by hospital staff!

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  • Warning-If-Your-Dog-Catches-This-Disease,-So-Can-You.jpg

    Warning: If Your Dog Catches This Disease, So Can You

    New cases of a bacterial disease known as leptospirosis seem to be popping up across the country in areas where the illness is historically uncommon. Learn the about the dangers, signs, symptoms, and steps you can take to prevent infection in your dog.

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