• Can-Dogs-Get-STDs.jpg

    Can Dogs Get STDs?

    Whether you are a responsible breeder or just a caring pet owner, you need to know the signs, symptoms, and dangers of canine sexually transmitted diseases—especially since one of them can be transmitted to humans via skin contact!

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  • breed-profile_Chihuahua-preview.jpg

    Breed Spotlight: the Chihuahua

    The Chihuahua has a very mysterious origin. Research have long speculated and argued where the Chihuahua's roots are, but one thing is for certain: The Chihuahua has won the hearts of dog lovers around the globe.

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  • Watch-Newest-Member-of-NC-Tar-Heels-Team-Is-a-Service-Dog-Named-Remington.jpg

    Watch: Newest Member of NC Tar Heels Team Is a Service Dog Named Remington

    This dog is making a HUGE difference for UNC’s baseball team, and the fans can’t get enough of him!

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  • Dogs-and-Worms---What-You-Should-Know.jpg

    Dogs and Worms: What You Should Know

    Is your dog hosting parasitic worms? If you aren’t taking the proper preventative steps, it’s more likely than you think.

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    8 Health Benefits of Dog Ownership

    Dog ownership can bring all sorts of wonderful gifts into your life, but did you know that it’s also associated with a number of significant health benefits?

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