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    Dog Shedding: How to Keep Pet Hair Under Control

    If you own a dog, there’s a good chance you understand the challenge of keeping your home tidy with a shedding canine companion around. Thankfully, there are a few actions you can take as a dog owner to keep the excess fur to a minimum in your home.

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  • dogownerdiarieschristmas.jpg

    Dog Owner Diaries: Christmas Gifts for the Dog Lover

    Looking for some last-minute gift ideas for your favorite dog owner this Christmas? Well, if your friend is the type who has everything, why not surprise him with a gift that both he and his dog can enjoy?

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  • How-Can-You-Tell-if-Your-Dog-Enjoys-the-Dog-Park-5.jpg

    How Can You Tell if Your Dog Enjoys the Dog Park?

    The dog park should be a place where your pet can have fun with other canines and relax, but that isn’t always the case.

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  • Tips-For-Bathing-Your-Dog.jpg

    Tips For Bathing Your Dog

    If you want to keep your dog smelling pristine, you need to learn how to bathe him the right way.

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    5 Most Common German Shepherd Health Problems

    The German shepherd is a hardy breed, but if you are a German shepherd owner or plan on owning one of these dogs in the future, there are a few common health problems that you should watch out for.

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