Man Who Tried to Abduct Girl Stopped by Hero Dog

Sometimes the best defense in a bad situation is a loyal friend who has your back, and sometimes that friend sports four legs and a tail.

A 10-year-old girl was out walking the family dog on a Friday afternoon in Woodbridge, Virginia, when a strange man attempted to grab her arm in an apparent abduction attempt. Thankfully, one thing the would-be kidnapper didn’t consider was the quick thinking (and 42 strong teeth) of the girl’s dog.

At the first sign of trouble, the dog sprang into action and wrapped his jaws around the assailant, causing him to let go of the girl. The girl was physically uninjured during the ordeal, and her dog was able to stop the young male with its bite, causing him to let go of the girl and flee the scene.

The girl’s family contacted the local police department, who then sent a team to search the scene. A K-9 unit investigated the area, but unfortunately the suspect had escaped by that point.

Last week, the Prince William County Police posted the following report on its official Facebook page, which includes details about both the incident and the suspect, who is still at large:

“At approximately 3:50pm, the victim, a 10-year-old girl, was reportedly walking her dog in the 1800 block of Heather Glenn Ct in Woodbridge when an unknown man approached her and grabbed her arm. During the encounter, the victim's dog bit the suspect[,] who then released her and fled on foot. A police K-9 checked the area. The suspect was not located. The victim was not injured. The investigation continues. Suspect Lookout: Hispanic male, unknown age, 5'3", 145lbs with a thin build, short brown hair and a goatee. Last seen wearing a white-striped shirt and light-colored long pants.”

Hopefully, the information will lead to the arrest of the assailant, and locals will able to walk around the area at ease once again. But one thing that should not be forgotten is the sheer bravery this family dog showed when it really counted, as well as the dog’s love for the young girl, which caused it to make an important, split-second decision that gave this news story a much happier ending.

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