Breed Spotlight: the Jack Russell Terrier

Most dog histories don’t begin with the mention of one man; rather, they start with a time period or the use for which the dog was bred. The Jack Russell Terrier is an exception to that rule. 

John Russell had definite thoughts on what made a good terrier, and to this we can attribute the quality of the dogs that he bred. He did not like the “show dog” look, but loved the working dog qualities of soundness and spunk. Strength made a better dog, and the ability to pursue the fox into its den was always important in his dogs. 

Today, the Jack Russell Terrier makes a wonderful family dog that can participate in events like agility, obedience, and tracking. If trained correctly, the breed still excels at hunting.

Want to learn more about the Jack Russell Terrier? Click here to read the full breed standard. 

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