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    Is Fish Safe for Dogs?

    While there’s no shortage of fishy foods and treats available on store shelves for canines, many dog owners often wonder if those products are safe for eating. In this post, we’ll look at some of the potential benefits and dangers fish can introduce into a dog’s diet.

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    Breed Spotlight: the Dalmatian

    The first known reference to the breed was in 1719. The dog was referred to as Canis Dalmaticus by Bosnian Bishop Petar Bakić. Eventually, the dogs became a fixture in horse and carriage society in England, especially that of the water-wagon used by fire brigades.

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    How to Put Together the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt for Your Dog in Four Easy Steps

    Easter egg hunts aren’t just for kids anymore. Learn how to give your special pup the best doggone Easter experience a canine can have with this how-to guide!

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    Soccer Teams Take a Beagle Break

    Can anyone really stop a beagle that doesn’t want to be caught?

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    Top 10 Items That Are Dangerous for Your Dog

    Resisting those puppy dog eyes can be very difficult to do when our dogs are begging for food, but there are plenty of human foods that are very dangerous to dogs.

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