• breed-profile_Australian-Cattle-Dog-preview.jpg

    Breed Spotlight: the Australian Cattle Dog

    In 1840, a cattleman by the name of Thomas Hall crossed his blue smooth collies to the feral Australian Dingo. This cross lead to the beloved and adorable Australian Cattle Dog.

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  • continental-kennel-club_breed-profile_Basset-Hound-preview.jpg

    Breed Spotlight: the Basset Hound

    These French hounds are the descendants of the legendary hounds of St. Hubert from AD 1000. St. Hubert’s hounds were descendants of the Spartan hounds, which were ancient scenthounds.

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  • breed-profile_Dalmation-preview.jpg

    Breed Spotlight: the Dalmatian

    The first known reference to the breed was in 1719. The dog was referred to as Canis Dalmaticus by Bosnian Bishop Petar Bakić. Eventually, the dogs became a fixture in horse and carriage society in England, especially that of the water-wagon used by fire brigades.

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  • Canine-Crash-Course-F1,-F2,-F3,-and-Multi-Generational-Designations-3.jpg

    Canine Crash Course: F1, F2, F3, and Multi-Generational Designations

    Learn the differences between the F1, F2, F3, and multi-generational designations associated with certain dogs and litters.

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  • New-Guinea-Highland-Wild-Dog-2.jpg

    Ancient Dog Believed to Be Extinct Rediscovered in New Guinea

    For more than half a century, many feared that the ancient New Guinea highland wild dog had been lost to history, but newly discovered evidence indicates that the dogs are thriving in the inhospitable environment of the country’s central mountains.

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