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    Breed Spotlight: the Briard

    Hailing from France, the Briard's history can be traced back to 14th century books and tapestries.

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  • breed-profile_Poodle-preview.jpg

    Breed Spotlight: the Poodle

    The ancestors of the poodle can be traced as far back as ancient Rome, where images of the dogs that closely resembled the poodle have been found etched on the walls of tombs. The breed's popularity spread and its traits were refined in France to be the poodle we see today.

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  • breed-profile_Border-Collie-preview.jpg

    Breed Spotlight: the Border Collie

    Learn more about the Border Collie dog breed.

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  • 5-Shiba-Inu-Videos-That-Will-Make-You-Smile!.jpg

    5 Shiba Inu Videos That Will Make You Smile!

    Huge personalities in a cute, compact package—it’s no wonder the Internet has fallen in love with the Shiba Inu breed!

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  • continental-kennel-club_breed-profile_Jack-Russell-Terrier-preview.jpg

    Breed Spotlight: the Jack Russell Terrier

    Learn more about the Jack Russell Terrier dog breed.

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