• Starting Puppies Off On the Right Paw

    Curb bad behaviors by training your dog early on in life.

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  • Canine-Crash-Course-F1,-F2,-F3,-and-Multi-Generational-Designations-3.jpg

    Canine Crash Course: F1, F2, F3, and Multi-Generational Designations

    Learn the differences between the F1, F2, F3, and multi-generational designations associated with certain dogs and litters.

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  • Puppy-Development-and-Behavior-Healthy-Stress.jpg

    Puppy Development and Behavior: Healthy Stress (Free Book!)

    In this post, we’re going to look at a few of the ways breeders can mold their puppies into resilient young dogs. And there’s a free eBook for you to download at the end!

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  • 5-Ways-to-Calm-a-Bitch-in-Heat.jpg

    5 Ways to Calm a Bitch in Heat

    Anyone who owns a female dog knows how anxious a bitch in heat can be. Obviously, her changing behavior has nothing to do with poor training skills or a lack of love from you: it’s due to hormonal changes. Each female will handle it uniquely, and younger females tend to have more visible and unexpected reactions as they experience these changes for the first time. If your bitch is acting differently and out of character, here are five tips to calm her so she can have a better time during her heat.

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  • IMG_2484-2.jpg

    9 Items to Put in All Your Puppy Packs

    The puppy packs given by dog breeders to new dog owners are a balance of breed literature, paperwork, and fun bits and bobs. Puppy packs serve primarily serve to educate the new owner and accompany the puppy into this all new environment. Most breeders limit themselves to a handful of items in their puppy packs, but there’s so much more breeders can include that won’t cost them a fortune!

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