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    Breed Spotlight: the Bull Terrier

    Near the middle of the nineteenth century, James Hinks of Birmingham, England, crossed a Bull and Terrier with an English White Terrier with the goal of improving the offspring’s appearance. Up to that point, Bull and Terrier breeders had focused primarily on bettering the fighting performance of their dogs.

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    Breed Profile: The Pomeranian

    The history of the modern Pomeranian breed begins in fourteenth century Pomerania, an area that covered parts of present-day Poland and Germany.

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    Breed Profile: The German Shepherd

    The German shepherd was originally a farm dog, guarding his family’s flocks and herds. Unlike most herding breeds, the German shepherd was not only bred to move the herd, but also to patrol and protect both the herd and the shepherd from outside dangers and predators. Today, German shepherds are used to protect sheep, guard homes, help the disabled, and assist the police and armed forces.

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    Breed Profile: the Akita

    The Akita dog breed is believed to have descended from the ancient and now-extinct Matagi Inu dogs, which were used for hunting wild boar, Sitka deer, and Asian black bears by the Matagi tribe and other northern natives of Japan.

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    December's Featured Breed: The St. Bernard

    The earliest-known record of dogs living at the St. Bernard hospice in the Alps is a painting from the 1690s depicting two dogs that are obvious ancestors of the St. Bernard. It is believed that the St. Bernard breed descended from ancient Roman mastiff-type dogs.

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