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    Breed Profile: the Akita

    The Akita dog breed is believed to have descended from the ancient and now-extinct Matagi Inu dogs, which were used for hunting wild boar, Sitka deer, and Asian black bears by the Matagi tribe and other northern natives of Japan.

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    December's Featured Breed: The St. Bernard

    The earliest-known record of dogs living at the St. Bernard hospice in the Alps is a painting from the 1690s depicting two dogs that are obvious ancestors of the St. Bernard. It is believed that the St. Bernard breed descended from ancient Roman mastiff-type dogs.

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    November's Featured Breed: The Dachshund

    Germany just wasn't big enough to contain the irresistible charm of this lovable, one-of-a-kind breed.

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    October's Featured Breed: The Pug

    With his endearing nature and comical (sometimes guilt-inducing) appearance, the pug has won the hearts of dog lovers the world over.

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    September's Featured Breed: The Beagle

    Merry, intelligent, and even-tempered, they are highly social and get along well with other dogs.

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