The 8 Top Dog Training Online Courses For 2023

The 8 Top Dog Training Online Courses for 2023

There are several benefits to an online dog training course over a traditional one. You might not be able to commute to a training school once a week due to your hectic schedule. Or perhaps your dog has trouble traveling in a car. Whatever the situation, you and your dog can benefit from several excellent training methods while lounging in your living room.

We've compiled our top selections for the best online training programs for dogs of various ages, breeds, and temperaments, whether you're searching for an in-depth video series or live classes held via Zoom.

1. SIRIUS Dog Training

Dr. Ian Dunbar, one of the most well-known figures in the history of dog training, created his SIRIUS puppy program in 1982. These days, SIRIUS Puppy and Dog Training offer simple online courses where you can benefit from his ground-breaking methods.

SIRIUS offers live online classrooms using Zoom, as opposed to online classes that use collections of pre-recorded video. There are only a maximum of six pupils in each group, and an experienced instructor leads them. Puppy manners, Puppy Training 1, and Basic Manners are now available courses (for dogs over 18 weeks). Additionally, training emphasizes developing leash skills and changing boisterous behavior. In the foreseeable future, the school intends to offer more challenging lessons.

SIRIUS offers courses that last three to five weeks and start at around $160. The average length of a class group is 50 minutes, and you can quickly examine the current course schedule and register online.

2. Petco

Petco is probably already well-known to you as a reputable retailer of pet products, but did you know that they also provide excellent training services? Although the chain usually holds classes in-store, it has dramatically increased the number of online offerings, many of which are on the lower end of the price spectrum.

Three Zoom-led group classes are now offered by Petco, each costing roughly $99 for four sessions. While its Adult Basics class teaches you how to reinforce positive behaviors and assist your dog in adjusting to meeting new people or experiencing unfamiliar situations, its Puppy Basics session includes fundamental skills like potty training and arriving when called. You can address specific habits while learning cues like "leave it" at a more advanced level.

3. All-Day Dog Adventures

Check out All Day Dog Adventures if you're seeking an online training program that provides more than just the fundamentals. You can choose from a selection of online courses at this Montana-based university that allows you to create your schedule and collaborate closely (through Zoom) with qualified instructors.

All Day Dog Adventures includes the typical puppy training and fundamental skills workshops, but it also offers courses specifically focused on agility and scent training. It also provides individualized consultations with a private trainer to focus on behavioral problems or obedience concerns unique to your needs, in addition to group training.

Online courses from All Day Dog Adventures cost between $100 and $180 and typically have four and six once-weekly sessions. As the school seeks to add classes for therapy dog training and various other disciplines, expect its offerings to keep growing.

4. Zak George's Dog Training Revolution

Zak George is one of the top dog trainers producing content online; his unpaid YouTube videos have amassed millions of views, making him the platform's most subscribed dog trainer.

Although his training videos don't follow the format of a typical course, their sheer volume ensures that every subject—from leash walking to complicated skills and tricks—is covered.

Suppose you want to plan your training using George's videos. In that case, his YouTube page provides playlists that group his videos into step-by-step routines concentrating on puppies' retrieve games and other training objectives.

Only positive training methods are employed, and George's upbeat demeanor and excellent production values make his channel addictive.

5. Dogmantics

Trainer Emily Larlham, who lives in San Diego, is most known for her YouTube channel Kikopup, which provides many free training materials. Although those videos serve as a fantastic starting point for your training, we advise joining the membership program available through the website of her training company, Dogmantics, for more comprehensive and exclusive content.

Original weekly films on training topics, including puppy etiquette, tricks, and helping your dog focus, are included in each membership package. Additionally, she is currently providing stand-alone training focused on enhancing leash-walking abilities. The ethical methods used in Larlham's movies for positive activity, known as progressive reinforcement, don't subject your dog to physical or psychological intimidation.

She offers a la carte lectures on various training topics and plenty of free clips and textual content. Her membership packages range from roughly $40 to $99 monthly (available in seven languages).

6. Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA)

The Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA) is an online canine training facility that provides various programs and specializations for canines of all ages. The unique feature of this online training program is that you can review lessons if your dog is a slow learner by doing so for a year after you finish the program.

You can generally find an online course that fits your busy schedule because new ones start every day. Classes include topics including temperament, agility, and even health and fitness. You can also choose webinars and rapid study packages for quick tips and tricks.

The average length of a course is six weeks, and prices range from about $65 to $260. You will have access to online classes throughout that period, and depending on your membership level, you will be able to contact a trainer with any questions. (Bronze memberships do not permit feedback; silver and gold memberships enable one-on-one assistance requests.) Additionally, there are forums where other students can communicate and work together throughout the class.

7. Peach on a Leash

Despite its headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia, Peach on a Leash provides an online dog training program ideal for anyone seeking more specialized instruction.

With tailored coursework that focuses on the areas where your dog needs the most assistance, it offers access to a licensed trainer and behaviorist through its small online dog training classes. Get help with everything from training your new puppy's behavior to teaching your senior dog etiquette and obedience. Following each session, trainers will get in touch with you by phone or email to answer any questions or offer assistance if your dog is having trouble.

Depending on your particular plan, packages with Peach on a Leash start at around $299 and go up from there. If you live nearby, you can begin taking lessons online and switch to in-person sessions as needed. These online dog training programs appeal to us because they let you tailor your learning to precisely what your dog needs to concentrate on.

8. Puppy Trained Right

The basis for the rest of your dog's training is laid by the abilities it picks up as a puppy. The online course from Puppy Trained Right includes all the knowledge you'll need to give your puppy the most fantastic start.

Following your signup, you'll receive a set of puppy training lessons to view in order. These movies cover different aspects of obedience training, such as teaching fetch, loose leash walking, and impulse control. You will have access to over 30 articles on potty training, crates, and many other crucial subjects in addition to the video curriculum.

All of the training materials on the website are accessible for one year with a Puppy Trained Right membership, which costs roughly $299. Positive reinforcement is used throughout, and the video-based approach lets you work at your own pace rather than adhere to a set class schedule.

How We Selected the Most Effective Online Dog Training Programs

In collaboration with the research expert from the write my paper company, we combed through many accessible courses to locate the most fantastic training variety. We had the top reviews to select the best online dog training programs. We considered user feedback, cost, accessibility, and cost-free possibilities. But reputation and the capacity for individualized training were two critical elements that guided our decision over which services to cut.

After reviewing hundreds of reviews from actual dog owners, we chose programs like Zak George's Dog Training Revolution. While many of our selections are well-known nationally, we highlighted services like Peach on a Leash, which is well-regarded and provides fantastic customization options for a tailored experience. Petco offers a wide range of prices, making it a tremendous value and the perfect low-cost alternative.

How Much Time Does Training a Dog Take?

Although most online dog training courses last around six weeks, you shouldn't anticipate that your dog will be fully trained after just one. Many dog trainers work with their customers over a long period and expect owners to continue teaching their dogs even after the courses are over.

By six months, according to the majority of experts, your dog should have a strong base of training to build upon and should be sufficiently linked to you to obey your orders and exhibit an enthusiasm to learn. But remember that every dog is unique, so be adaptable with your training and overall goals.

What Advantages Do Online Dog Training Courses Offer?

Online training programs are ideal for busy dog owners or college students who find it difficult to commit to a weekly session with their dog, even though in-person training has advantages. You don't have to forgo dog training if you're busy with work or family because many online dog training programs allow you to work on your schedule.

Choose a school that offers individual training with a real professional who can guide you through your dog's journey if you're looking for more individualized instruction.

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