Proper Methods To Dispose Of Dog Poop The Green Way

Proper Methods To Dispose Of Dog Poop The Green Way

If you have a dog, you know that it needs to be taken out for a walk. That's when your dog will want to poop. As a dog owner, you are responsible for ensuring the dog poop is properly disposed of. You cannot allow your dog to mess up the streets or parks.

It is required by law to dispose of dog poop properly, whether it is in your yard or anywhere else. As a conscious citizen, you need to ensure you are doing it the right way or the greenway. When you dispose of the dog poop, you need to ensure you follow an eco-friendly method. This ensures your dog's poop does not harm the environment in any way.

In this article, we will take a look at the answer to the question of how to dispose of dog poop in a green way. Different ways in which you can dispose of dog poop in an eco-friendly or green way are listed below:

There are a number of simple and effective ways to get rid of dog poop. Go through the recommendations below and start following them from today.

1. Start By Picking It Up

Some people are of the view that dog poop can remain on the ground or in the yard, and it is washed away by rain. You must understand how this works. While rain does wash away the poop, it goes into storm drains and from there can enter rivers or lakes. The pathogens in the poop can get mixed with drinking water causing risk to people.

Also, in most places, it is a requirement of the law that you need to pick up dog poop, especially when you take your dog for a walk. Do the responsible thing by picking up the poop. You can use a plastic cover to pick up the poop and then transfer it to a poop bag. There are also convenient devices you can get at pet stores or online.

The device known as a pooper scooper is easy to use. It ensures you don't come into contact with the poop and pick it up easily. You can then transfer the poop to a waste bag. When you are on a walk with your dog, make sure you carry this device made by a reliable pooper scooper company in Union County and a poop bag with you.

Another convenient device is called the power pickup. You need not bend and use your hands or a scoop to pick up the poop. With the power pickup, just place the mouth of the device on the poop. With the press of a button, the poop gets picked up and transferred to a poop bag.

2. Throw It In The Garbage.

It can be possible to throw small quantities of dog poop into the garbage. It is important that you check the local laws. Some cities and towns permit this while others don't. Here's why - when the poop is moved to a landfill, it can affect the environment due to the release of methane.

Use a compostable bag that gets broken down into compost when thrown in a landfill. While this is not a very green way of getting rid of dog poop, you can do it if your city or town permits it. When you do so, do not throw the poop in a plastic cover or a grocery bag.

3. Flush It

You can flush the dog waste just like you flush human waste. Transfer the poop from the waste bag into the loo and flush it. The waste gets transported to a sewage plant, where it is properly disposed of by the authorities. You can even train your dog to use a dog potty and then flush the contents conveniently.

This is a convenient and eco-friendly way of getting rid of dog poop. You will find flushable bags that you can consider using and flush the bag along with the poop. This avoids having contact with the poop. Never flush any other type of bags as they can block the sewer lines or break down, leaving plastic in the water.

While flushing, you can consider a technology known as 'powerloo.' This technology allows you to flush the poop directly from the yard without having to bring it inside to the loo. The technology ensures the poop is directly sent into the sewer without entering your home.

4. Compost It

You can compost dog poop just like other organic waste. Composting ensures the poop gets converted into compost that can then be used as manure to grow plants. This is an eco-friendly process since you don't throw the poop just about anywhere. It also ensures you make use of the waste as manure.

Pathogens in the poop, as well as any pollutants, are neatly eliminated during composting. You need to get a dog bin specifically for composting dog poop. Such products are available in the market. Never mix the dog poop with other organic waste.

Composting dog poop is the most environmentally friendly way of getting rid of dog poop. Even if you don't have a commercial product, you can still do the composting easily. Create a bin in which you add plant waste, grass clippings, or sawdust. This acts as food for the microbes that break down dog poop into compost. Add the dog poop to this bin, and it would be converted into compost.

You need to turn over the compost weekly so composting happens uniformly. It needs a few weeks for the process to complete. Once the compost cools down, you can start using it on plants. However, you should avoid using this compost to grow eatables.

5. Use The Services of a Professional

A convenient way of getting rid of dog poop is to employ a professional to do it. A pooper scooper company in Union County can help you get rid of dog poop in a green way. You can also avail dog poop removal service in Middlesex County to ensure eco-friendly disposal of dog poop.

When you choose a company offering pet waste removal in Middlesex, you can leave the 'dirty work' to them. Their poop scoopers are people who do this work daily and know how to clean up your place neatly, getting rid of all the dog poop. You will have a clean and green yard free from poop when they are done.

Apart from residential services at home, the pooper scoopers also offer commercial services. They can work at parks, apartments, and other places to ensure dog poop is cleaned up. Once they remove the poop, you can be assured that they follow eco-friendly practices to get rid of it. Get in touch with an agency for pet waste removal in Middlesex, and get your work done in an effective way.


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