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Tips to Ensure a Smooth Move for You and Your Pet

Moving to a new home is a significant life event that can be stressful for you and your furry friend. Whether you’re planning to move across town or the country, there are some vital things to consider when moving with your pet. Read on to learn how you can ensure that your next move is a smooth one, not just for you but also for your beloved best friend.

Keep Things Calm and Quiet

The hustle and bustle of packing for a move can cause stress for your furry family member. Make sure you secure them in a quiet, separate area while you’re packing up boxes and shuffling furniture around. Provide them with some food, water, toys, and a bed or blanket so they can nap while you’re boxing up your belongings. Not only will this help them to feel calm, but it will allow you to pack without worrying whether or not your pet is constantly underfoot. Do the same thing on moving day until you’re ready to load them into the car with you. This way, your pet will feel safe and secure and won’t get stressed out or confused by all of the extra activity.

Pack the Essentials

You will need to pack a few essential personal items with you in the car when you’re relocating. Just like you’ll need your own variety of essential items, your pet will need their most important belongings too. Make a checklist of important items you’ll need to bring along, including any prescription medication your pet needs. A leash and collar, dog crate, blanket or towel, food, water bowl, treats, and some of your pet’s favorite toys should also be part of your pet moving and a packing checklist. When you have everything your pet needs ready, it will make things less stressful for both of you during the transition.

Safety First

If you’re bringing your pet along in a vehicle, ensure that the proper safety protocols are in place. Smaller pets like cats and small dog breeds should be secured in a crate. Always make sure that you keep the doors locked and that your dog is secured safely in the vehicle when it’s in motion. Make sure they have something with them to keep them calm, preferably a blanket or toy that has their scent on it. This will give them something familiar to soothe their nerves during the ride. Don’t forget to take frequent breaks, so your pet can get out, stretch their legs, and take a potty break every so often. Check to ensure that they have enough clean water and feed them regularly until you get to your destination.

Long Distance Pet Moving Tips

For those moving long distances, a smooth transition for your pet may be a bit more complicated. If you must fly to get to your new home, check with the airline well in advance to find out about their pet transportation policy. Another alternative is to hire a professional pet relocation service. Just make sure that you check their references and reviews and meet them beforehand to feel confident choosing this type of service. You should also make sure that you have the contact information of the person responsible for transporting your pet. That way, you can keep tabs on them and ensure that they’ll arrive safely to your final destination with your pet happily in tow.

Adjusting to a New Place

Moving is a major life change that affects everyone, including your pet. Give your pet some time to get accustomed to their new surroundings. If possible, set things up before your pet arrives, so they have some familiar items in the new home. Pick a spot for their bed and bring some of their favorite toys into the house, so they can sniff and chew a few things they recognize. Take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood as soon as possible. This will help them learn more about their new surroundings as they get used to this new environment. Finally, make sure that your pet has had all of its most recent vaccinations and that you have all of the necessary paperwork. Contact a new vet in your area as soon as possible, so your pet has a veterinarian you can trust to take care of any health needs in your new location.


Whether it’s a short-distance or long-distance move, keep these tips in mind to provide a smooth move for your pet. From packing important belongings to making arrangements for long-distance moves, planning ahead is the key to a successful relocation. With a few simple steps, you and your pet can move into your new home stress-free.

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