5 Tips to Wean Your Dog Away from Marking a Territory at Home

Teaching your dog to do its business outside seems like a daunting task, but it's quite easy when you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Here are five tips that will help you teach your dog to pee outside.

Create a schedule

Dogs are good at remembering patterns, so create a daily walk schedule. Puppies need to go outside several times a day, but as they grow old, their bladder gets stronger, and you will be able to create a pattern in your dog’s mind. This will keep your home clean and your pet happy.

Take a spot

Choose a place you would prefer to have your dog take care of its natural necessities and make it your walking area when you take your pet out. The dog will notice the pattern once again, and this will be the place it would instinctively choose. Make sure you’re close to a trash bin, so you don’t have to carry your dog’s remains too long with you.

Be generous

Every pet has a favorite snack, and it’s often hilarious to watch how far a puppy would go to get a treat. After a job well done, reward your best friend with a snack and show your appreciation for good behavior. Most dogs learn after a few iterations, so it won’t take long until your dogie develops a habit of being good. Essay writers service says this goes for any other positive behavior we wish to motivate within our pet.

Introduce voice command

According to an article published by the Humane Society of the United States, dogs can learn to understand verbal commands. This means that every time the dog pees on the correct spot, the human should say a verbal command like “Go Pee.” In time, the dog will relate that verbal command to the place and the activity. Moreover, whenever a dog would hear the verbal command, it would immediately execute it.

Be patient

Don’t expect things to go smoothly during the training period; pets will always have accidents, especially in their early days. In case your pup pees or poops on your terrasse or living room floor, don’t yell or punish it. This will only cause trauma and won't help prevent further accidents. Furthermore, the dog could become afraid of its human, and that is not a risk any pet keeper should take.


These five practical suggestions are easy to apply and have a long history of positive results among a wide array of ages, genders, and races of dogs. Give your pet some time to understand your lessons, and the results will follow. Creating a healthy relationship based on approval is the best thing you can do for your dog and yourself.

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