How To Complete and Submit a PAW Application

The Picture and Witness Evaluation Program (known as the “PAW” Program) was developed by CKC to evaluate non-registered purebred dogs for possible inclusion into CKC’s purebred dog registry.

In order for CKC to consider a dog for its PAW Program, the owner of the dog and two witnesses of age -- 18 years or older -- must affirm that the applicant dog is purebred and ‘of proper breed type’ as defined by CKC’s Registration Rules, Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures. 

Applicant canines that pass the PAW Registration Evaluation are accepted for registration by the Continental Kennel Club Inc. Canines will receive an official CKC Certificate of Registration displaying his/her photograph and a wallet-sized Photo ID Card. 


The PAW Program is used by Continental Kennel Club to evaluate purebred dogs for which the original registration records have been lost, or the ancestry is undocumented. The requirements and guidelines for submitting your dog for PAW evaluation are outlined below. The PAW evaluation process takes about 30 days to complete, and the results (pass or fail) are sent out upon completion of the process. 

Additionally, CKC performs a preliminary review of dogs submitted for PAW program. The ones that have a high chance of failing, we reject outright and return all of the original documents and payment to the owner of record. PAW registration applications may be rejected outright at CKC’s sole discretion. In these cases, no formal evaluation will be done, and the application, photos, and fees will be returned to the applicant.

 If the applicant dog passes and is accepted into the PAW Program, then it will be registered in CKC’s purebred dog registry, and a Certificate of Registration will be issued to the owner. If the applicant dog fails the evaluation process, the owner will receive a letter as notification of the result. All PAW Program evaluation results and decisions are final. The PAW Evaluation & Registration Fee ($50.00) is non-refundable, regardless of PAW evaluation results.


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