The Proper Pet Etiquette for House Parties

Throwing a house party is a great way to get together with friends and family, but it’s inevitable that your high-energy pet may not always be on the same etiquette page as yourself. Here are five pet etiquette tips for house parties.

1. Take a Walk

Dogs can have a ton of energy. While this may be fun any other day, when you’re hosting a party, your excitable pet can cause some chaos. One way to reduce your dog’s running and jumping during the party is to wear him out by going for a walk just prior to your party, preferably within an hour of the event starting. This will require some forethought, but it’s sure to pay off.

2. Calm Your Pet

When guests arrive, it’s likely that your pet will become overstimulated. For dogs, this means barking, jumping, licking, and running around. Cats may rub on guests, become feisty, or scatter and hide. One way to limit some of the extreme responses is to calm your pet prior to guest arrival.

Taking the time to sit down and calmly reassure your pet while stroking their back, neck, and head is a good place to start. If possible, try not to become anxious yourself as your pet may feed off your own anxiety. Also, consider investing in a diffuser that puts out a calming pheromone to reduce stress and excitability.

3. Create a Safe Zone

Pets often experience anxiety when surrounded by people. This is especially true at house parties when your pet may not know your guests. According to House Method, if your dog becomes overwhelmed easily or is having a hard time interacting with guests, create a safe and quiet area in the house where he can relax. Make sure he’s comfortable, has plenty of water, and is familiar with the space.

4. Clean, Clean, Clean

Anyone who has dogs understands that your home will likely be filled with pet hair. This is not only unsightly and annoying for guests, but dander allergies can be a real downer at your party. The best way to reduce these concerns is to clean those oft-forgotten areas of your home. Vacuum your couches (yes, even under the cushions), wash linens, and clean your curtains. Sweep, vacuum, or mop the edges and corners of rooms. If you really want to ensure a clean home, don’t forget the tops of your refrigerator and other tall appliances.

5. Eat Early

Just like their human counterparts, a pet with a full belly is happy. That means that as your guests eat, they are less likely to be met with begging eyes and paws nudging at food. Try to feed your pet about 30 minutes before guests arrive, and make sure to have a few treats on hand. More importantly, you should train your pet not to beg for food. While this is not something you can do right before your party, it will save you a lot of unwanted begging during subsequent parties.

Your pet may love parties as much as you do, but that doesn’t mean a little preparation and etiquette isn’t required. Ensuring that your pet is comfortable, well fed, and calm will help your party go off without a hitch.

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