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    Breed Spotlight: the Rottweiler

    The rottweiler is an international favorite, and for good reason. Being one of the world's most popular and easily recognized dog breeds, the rottweiler is renowned across the world for its intelligence and trainability.

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    Pet Safety Tips for Colder Weather

    Fall is finally upon us, and winter won’t be far behind. Is your dog ready for the cold weather? Here are a few tips to keep that tail wagging when it gets chilly outside.

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    How to Save Money on Grooming

    Of course you want to keep your dog neat, clean, and looking good, but frequent trips to the groomer can cost a pretty penny. Read on for tips to keep your dog beautiful without breaking the bank.

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    Ask the Trainer: Teach Your Dog to High-Five

    This trick is guaranteed to impress and delight everyone, including you. Get step-by-step instructions on how to teach your dog to high-five.

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    Your Dog (Probably) Hates Your Phone

    Do you spend too much time on your phone? Dog experts are now warning that, if the answer is yes, it may lead to your dog feeling down or even depressed. Find out how excessive smartphone use may be negatively affecting your dog.

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