Writing a Good Advertisement to Sell Your Puppy

There are a lot of websites available for selling puppies, and there are also a lot of breeders out there attempting to sell their puppies. Frequently these ads are unsuccessful and do not even receive many replies. Why? Most often these would-be sellers do not know how to write a proper ad. Read on to find out how to write a good advertisement to sell your puppy.

Short and Punchy Title

Never underestimate the importance of a good title. It needs to be brief, grab the reader’s attention, and have enough details to encourage someone to read further. It’s important to include the breed of the dog to get a buyer’s attention. Use keywords such as “discover” and “now available” so the reader knows this is a special opportunity they ought to take advantage of. Make sure it is well written and uses grammar correctly because people respond poorly to badly written titles. Spelling mistakes and writing in all caps denotes immaturity and that can reflect poorly on the puppy’s upbringing and traits, making the potential buyer reluctant to contact you. Writing resources like WritingPopulist, StudyDemic, and AcademAdvisor can help you write a good ad.

Detailed Description

"Your description is the most crucial part of your advertisement because it lets the buyer know what they are actually looking at. Begin your first line by briefly giving a good basic description of the information regarding your puppy’s sex, breed, and coat,” recommends Rachael Johnson, writer at LetsGoandLearn. Now is the time to let the reader know if the dog is a purebred or mixed. Your best shot at creating a personal connection between the buyer and the animal is to talk a bit about your animal’s temperament and personality. Describing these aspects will have your readers imagining themselves actually spending time with the puppy. If you can, talk about nice quirks or habits that will endear the animal to an owner, such as tricks they have mastered. One important thing is to talk about is how the dog gets on with other animals and children, which can be critical to certain buyers.

If the puppy has any health conditions, then be sure to list them. What is more important is to inform the reader of the conditions you know your animal is free from. Strongly consider doing some DNA tests to rule out hereditary and genetic conditions, so you can assure possible buyers they will not be a problem in the future. Readers will want to know about things like worming and any other veterinarian consultations that have happened so they know if they will need to have them arranged or not.

You’ll want to focus on the positive aspects of your animal—things that are unique and attractive to a buyer. Obviously, honesty is very important, but remember that your goal is to help buyers see how great of a pet they are investing in. Explain why you are selling your puppy. People will want to know, and they’ll probably inquire if you don’t give a reason. You basically just want to reassure people and not have them wondering if you’re some monster running a puppy mill. Don’t forget to include all the information a reader will need to contact you with an inquiry.

Making a Sign

The most common way of selling a puppy is to post an online ad, but posters are still an option you may want to consider. Try making a few different sizes for different uses. You can make smaller signs for bulletin boards and larger ones to be seen on their own and from a distance. Follow the basic rules we’ve outlined for online ads. Include some great photos of your puppies. Write out some neat bullet points that explain your basic information. Use bright colors and fonts that are easily readable to create an attention grabbing, yet professional quality poster.

Ultimately, there are a lot of other people out there attempting to sell their puppies. Your ad needs a catchy title, a description that gives your reader enough information and assures them you are not operating a puppy mill, and highlights the animal’s best qualities.


Grace Carter is a writer at Research Paper Help and Do My Assignment. She develops writing courses and writes a grammar blog while also tutoring at Dissertation Writing.

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