Top 5 Pet Care Trends

Millennials are taking over the world. And we’re not only talking about prosperous job positions in many leading companies, or the way they dictate the fashion rules. According to a recent survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the Millennials’ generation (as well as Generation Y) surpassed the Baby Boomers as pet owners by three percent.

35 percent of all pet owners are Millennials, and because of that, it’s only natural that the pet care trends constantly change. It’s not only important to keep your pet safe, fed, and healthy—if you’re a modern-day pet owner, it’s likely that you care for your pet as if she was a member of your family. So, how did the trends change and what are the most important and popular ones?


Pet Tech

This trend is slowly growing in the world of pet ownership. Even though the niche is relatively small (at least for now), there are a growing number of items that provide real value by simplifying a complicated task or giving a solution to a specific problem. That’s why you see smart leashes, automatic feeders, ball launchers, and microchip-enabled collars.

Even though some of these gadgets are more useful than others, some pet tech is certainly worth the money. Keep your eyes peeled because, with emerging technologies and new ideas, this trend is likely to grow even more in the future.



Does your dog have a passport? It’s become a very fashionable trend to travel everywhere with your pet, take photos, elicit numerous likes on social networks, and write travel blogs. If you plan to travel with your dog, make sure to have all the necessary information beforehand. Plan ahead, find out if your dog will be allowed at your destination, and calculate the exact cost of bringing your favourite fur buddy along.


Pampering Pets

As previously mentioned, more and more people are treating their pets like members of the family. So, a pet having her own bed, chair, or a different set of clothes is gaining widespread popularity. It’s another reason why pet cafés are steadily becoming more commonplace. This new style of pet pampering is definitely one of the fastest-growing trends.


Better Nutrition

Recently dog owners have been paying much more attention to the quality of their pets’ foods, and this is definitely a step in the right direction. Checking what (if anything) your pet is allergic to and choosing healthy and natural foods can improve your dog’s quality of life..

Millennials tend to pay extra attention to the diets of their pets. Thanks to the wealth of dietary information currently available to dog owners and the numerous advances that have been made in canine nutrition over the years, today’s dogs can eat better than ever before.


Pet Accessories

Last but not the least is pet accessories, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Ranging from pet clothing to different choices of leashes and toys, if you have a pet, there’s no way you don’t own at least one pet accessory. And many accessories can make our pets look even cuter.

You can get a raincoat if you don’t want your dog to be wet during a rainy day, a LED collar if you want better visibility during her nightly walks, or a bandana if you just want to throw in a little extra style. The choices are endless!


To sum it all up, one of the most prevalent trends in pet care is that more people are treating their pets similarly to how they would treat themselves. Purchasing healthy food is only the start of it—spice it up by getting your dog a health insurance plan, a smart leash, or a nice sweater. Once you start, you won’t stop!

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