WATCH: Christmas Presents for Dogs

So, you’ve lit the tree, hung all of the stockings with care, and now you’re just waiting to dish out the presents on the big day. But are you sure you haven’t forgotten someone in the rush to get ready for Christmas?

If you’ve somehow neglected to get a present for your pooch amid the Christmas rush, have no fear! Krist and Devin are here to offer up some quirky gift ideas that your dog is sure to love.

Does your dog hate baths? Watch Devin try out the Bath Buddy with his dog, Freya, and decide if your dog would warm up to bath time if there were tasty treats involved. It’s a weird (but ingenious) device that lets you stick a flat, rubber bone on the wall near your tub so you can fill it with peanut butter or another spreadable treat.

This could be the perfect gift for treat-motivated dogs who need a little extra convincing to get in (and behave in) the bath, and it can help your dog associate positive things (like treats) with bath time, which will hopefully warm him up to the whole process over time.

Or, maybe your dog takes to bathing like a duck to water, but when it comes to posing for pictures he’s the worst of the worst. So many dogs, especially puppies, are so full of energy that the only photos you can snap of them look less like your fur buddy and more like a fur blur. If this is your problem, the Pooch Selfie might be the perfect Santa-approved solution.

This simple but photo-saving gadget helps you grab your dog’s attention to get her to look straight into the camera in a snap. It essentially lets you attach the object of every dog’s interest—a tennis ball—to the top of your phone, so you can get your dog to briefly look right into your phone’s camera while you take your shot.

But, if you’re looking for something that will delight your dog while also challenging his mind and senses, you should consider making a place for the Nosework Blanket under your tree. It may look like something you would use to wash your car, but in reality it’s a soft puzzle toy that can keep your dog engaged and occupied long after the Holiday Season. Simply place the blanket on the floor, hide a few treats in some of its layers, and voila! Your dog now has a toy that rewards his tummy as well as his noggin.

There are more gift ideas in the video, so be sure to watch it and like, comment, and subscribe! And, from all of us at CKC and the Talkin’ Dogs team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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