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    How to Train Your Dog to Avoid Eating Poisonous Plants

    As a responsible pet owner, you need to make sure your pet is happy and safe. But did you know that there are many plants that could pose a danger to your dog’s health, and they may be in your own backyard? Learn how you can train your dog to avoid eating harmful plants.

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    How to Introduce a New Puppy into Your Home

    Bringing a new puppy into your home isn’t always easy, and there’s a lot of preparation to be done. But, if you already share your house with other pets, you’ll need to do a little extra planning and prep to ensure that everyone gets along.

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    Breed Spotlight: the German Shorthaired Pointer

    Learn more about the German Shorthaired Pointer breed in this fun infographic!

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    The Ultimate Guide for Traveling with Your Dog

    Nothing beats the joy of heading out on your summer vacation—unless you plan to bring your dog along for the trip, of course. Check out this handy guide to turn a great vacation into the ultimate summer outing with your canine companion.

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    How Famous Dogs Have Shaped History

    Dogs brighten our homes and enhance our lives in a variety of ways, but did you know that they’ve also left their mark in history? Here are five cases of dogs going above and beyond to prove their status as humanity’s best friend.

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