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    5 Ways to Calm a Bitch in Heat

    Anyone who owns a female dog knows how anxious a bitch in heat can be. Obviously, her changing behavior has nothing to do with poor training skills or a lack of love from you: it’s due to hormonal changes. Each female will handle it uniquely, and younger females tend to have more visible and unexpected reactions as they experience these changes for the first time. If your bitch is acting differently and out of character, here are five tips to calm her so she can have a better time during her heat.

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  • Fearless-Dog-Stands-Guard-and-Keeps-Wounded-Friend-Warm-on-Snow.jpg

    Fearless Dog Stands Guard and Keeps Wounded Friend Warm on Snow-covered Train Tracks

    This selfless canine risked everything to protect his friend. Now, his heroic act is going viral all over the Internet.

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  • breed-profile_Akita_preview.jpg

    Breed Profile: the Akita

    The Akita dog breed is believed to have descended from the ancient and now-extinct Matagi Inu dogs, which were used for hunting wild boar, Sitka deer, and Asian black bears by the Matagi tribe and other northern natives of Japan.

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  • Canadian-Man-Brawls-with-Cougar-to-Save-His-Dogs.jpg

    Canadian Man Brawls with Cougar to Save His Dogs

    When his dog was injured in a sudden attack by a cougar, this man leaped into action.

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  • Keep Your Dog Warm and Comfortable When the Weather Gets Cold.jpg

    Keep Your Dog Warm and Comfortable When the Weather Gets Colder

    Winter has finally arrived, so here are a few ways to protect your dog from chilly weather.

    Dogs may be covered in fur, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to the cold. The truth is that regardless of how thick a dog’s coat is or what part of the world the breed originates from, no dog should be left to the elements.

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