• Would-You-Want-Your-Newspaper-Delivered-By-a-Dog-2.jpg

    Would You Want Your Newspaper Delivered By a Dog?

    If you’re lucky enough to live on Simmons Drive in Boulder, Colorado, there’s a chance that your daily paper is being brought to your door by a dutiful golden retriever named Quincy.

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  • Valentines-Preview.jpg

    You'll Love These Valentine's Day Pups

    After receiving so many adorable pictures of dogs celebrating Valentine's Day for our monthly photo contest, it was really hard to pick a winner. See if our favorites match up with yours!

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  • Deadly-Sweets---Xylitol-and-Dogs.jpg

    Deadly Sweets: Xylitol and Dogs

    When dogs become part of the family, we treat them more like human family members than canines. We may speak to dogs like children, and we may even dress them in embarrassingly adorable Christmas sweaters for family photographs, but when it comes to food, we can't afford to treat dogs like people.

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  • breed-profile_German-Shepherd-preview.jpg

    Breed Profile: The German Shepherd

    The German shepherd was originally a farm dog, guarding his family’s flocks and herds. Unlike most herding breeds, the German shepherd was not only bred to move the herd, but also to patrol and protect both the herd and the shepherd from outside dangers and predators. Today, German shepherds are used to protect sheep, guard homes, help the disabled, and assist the police and armed forces.

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  • Puppy-Bowl-XIII-Highlights.jpg

    Puppy Bowl XIII Highlights

    Sure, there was a historic victory during this year’s Super Bowl, but the excitement wasn’t limited to the NGR Stadium in Houston, Texas. If you caught any of the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XIII, you know puppies were the real stars last Sunday. Here are some of the highlights for this year’s game.

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