• 5-Tips-for-Better-Puppies.jpg

    5 Tips for Better Puppies

    Here are a few tips for breeders who want to start their puppies off the right way!

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  • Man-Who-Tried-to-Abduct-Girl-Stopped-by-Hero-Dog.jpg

    Man Who Tried to Abduct Girl Stopped by Hero Dog

    There are plenty of reasons why dogs are known as man’s best friend, and this is certainly one of them.

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  • Is Chlorine Pool Safe For Dogs (1).jpg

    Pools, Chlorine, and Dogs: What You Should Know

    Just like human beings, dogs also look out for water to cool off during hot, sunny days. And, just as our minds begin to turn toward the sparkling, blue swimming pool, so too do the minds of our dogs. But is it safe for our pets to take a dip in the swimming pool every now and then, or are there unseen risks that come along with it?

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  • WHAT-Euthanized-Dog-Shocks-Family-When-She-Reappears-For-Adoption-Months-Later.jpg

    WHAT? Euthanized Dog Shocks Family When She Reappears For Adoption Months Later

    A Utah family faced a series of unfortunate events last year, including the sudden sickness of their beloved boxer, Zoey. When the decision was made for the family to say goodbye to the dog, they were heart-stricken at the thought that they would never see her again. But six months later, something unbelievable happened: Zoey reappeared on a dog adoption webpage!

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  • Is-It-Safe-for-Your-Dog-to-Lick-Your-Face.jpg

    Is It Safe for Your Dog to Lick Your Face?

    While it may seem like a harmless sign of affection from our precious canines, scientists are now warning dog owners to not allow their pets to lick their faces. But what is it exactly that can make dog slobber so dangerous?

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