• Troubleshooting-the-Dog---Jumping.jpg

    Troubleshooting the Dog: Loose-Leash Walking

    Loose-leash walking isn’t a behavior that comes naturally to dogs, but it’s something you can teach them with proper training. Brandi Barker has some great training tips dog owners who want to eliminate pulling from their daily walks.

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  • Is My Dog Obese.jpg

    Dog Owner Diaries: Is My Dog Obese?

    Is your dog overweight? Learn the signs and symptoms of canine weight issues, as well as the steps you can take to bring your dog back to a healthier size.

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  • pug-gifts.jpg

    10 Awesome Gifts for the Pug Fanatic

    Do you love pugs? Are you looking for some fun new ways to spruce up your living space? If you answered yes to either of those questions, check out these top 10 gifts for the pug fanatic!

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  • corgi-halloween-2017.jpg

    WATCH: Topi the Corgi Celebrates Halloween in Style

    Topi’s got a spooktacular new video out for Halloween. Watch it, if you dare!

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  • leash pulling problems.jpg

    Dog Owner Diaries: Pulling Problems

    Does your dog’s leash pulling drive you crazy? Devin has some training tips this week that will help you put some of the slack back in your dog’s leash.

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