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    Watch Out for These 199 Poisonous Plants!

    With summer officially here, your pets will be clamoring to go outside and run around in the yard. In order to keep your dogs and cats safe, however, it’s incredibly important to be aware of the type of harmful plants that could be around your home.

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  • Recall-Alert.jpg

    Recall Alert: United Pet Group Issues Expanded Recall of Rawhide Dog Chews After Discovery of Dangerous Chemical in Products

    If you recently bought rawhide chews for your dog, you may want to give the label a second look to make sure it isn’t included in this recently expanded this nationwide recall.

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  • Can-Dogs-Get-STDs.jpg

    Can Dogs Get STDs?

    Whether you are a responsible breeder or just a caring pet owner, you need to know the signs, symptoms, and dangers of canine sexually transmitted diseases—especially since one of them can be transmitted to humans via skin contact!

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  • Dogs-and-Worms---What-You-Should-Know.jpg

    Dogs and Worms: What You Should Know

    Is your dog hosting parasitic worms? If you aren’t taking the proper preventative steps, it’s more likely than you think.

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  • Warning-If-Your-Dog-Catches-This-Disease,-So-Can-You.jpg

    Warning: If Your Dog Catches This Disease, So Can You

    New cases of a bacterial disease known as leptospirosis seem to be popping up across the country in areas where the illness is historically uncommon. Learn the about the dangers, signs, symptoms, and steps you can take to prevent infection in your dog.

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