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    How to Help Your Dog Adjust to a New Town

    For most people, moving to a new location is just a fact of life. But even though a new home and a new environment can enrich your life, the moving process can also cause a lot of stress for you and your dog. Learn about some of the steps you can take to make the transition a bit easier for you four-legged buddy.

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    Pet First Aid 101: What to Put in an Emergency Kit

    If you own a dog, you should to have a first-aid kit in your home that’s just for her. While you hopefully won’t ever need it, it’s always best to be prepared. This guide will help you put together a kit to do exactly that.

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  • grooming

    7 Grooming Techniques That Make for a Happy Dog

    It’s nearly spring, which means that your dog will be shedding her winter coat in no time. But, if you keep a good grooming regimen, you can take care of that extra hair before it becomes a problem. Pick up some helpful grooming tips to maintain your dog’s hair, nails, and skin with this short guide.

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  • diabetic

    3 Necessary Precautions to Take When Using Blood-Glucose Monitors on Diabetic Dogs

    If you have a diabetic dog, you may need to use a blood-glucose monitoring system to keep track of his health. Learn about the three precautions you should always take before testing your dog's blood to keep him safe.

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  • Dental Care Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know.jpg

    Dental Care Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

    Healthy smile, healthy dog. Clean teeth can prevent a variety of negative health conditions from taking root and making your dog sick. Learn what you can do to keep those chompers pearly white.

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