Rover Vs Wag Which Is The Best Dog Walking App

Rover vs. Wag: Which is the Best Dog Walking App?

Are you too busy to regularly take out your dog for a walk? You should get the services of a reputable professional dog walker. To contact the local dog walkers, you can use the dog walking app.

There are multiple dog walking apps available in the market, but Rover and Wag are considered the best in the business. 

We have done in-depth research on the best dog walking apps in the market. Here, you will learn the key differences between these two apps, which will help you to select one that fulfills your requirements the best.

Besides this, if you are planning to build an on-demand dog walking app, you should be aware of what the best dog walking apps are offering. 

Let's start!

User Interface of the App


The interface of this app is simple yet attractive. It is designed so that even a first-time user can easily navigate it. 

On the homepage, there are tabs for different kinds of services like overnight stays, drop-in visits, day-care, walks, or boarding. To use any of these services, you have to first put in your ZIP Code, the time slot, and information about your dog.


Unlike Rover, if you want to look at the various services offered by Wag, then you have to first create an account. When you sign up with this app, you must provide information about your dog. These include any medical or behavioral concerns. 

If you compare the information you have to share, it is far more detailed than what the Rover app asks you.

Dog Walker Details


First, you need to put in all the necessary information regarding your dog and choose an appropriate schedule. The app will present you with a map, including the list of dog walkers, to give you an idea of which walker is closest to you. 

Furthermore, in addition to the name, you would also find the photo, background check, cost per walk, walker's review, and a brief tagline of each walker.


The Wag also shows you the available dog walkers near you through a map. You will find the rating and feedback for each of these walkers when you click on their profile.

Furthermore, you also get informed on whether the walker had a background check or not and whether he/she was insured.

Process of Selecting a Walker


Selecting a dog walker through the Rover app is quite easy. 

First, you have to go through the profiles of various dog walkers on the app. Once you choose a dog walker, you have to look for more information available there. Then, click on the contact button given right next to the walker's profile.

Here you have to mention whether it is a long-term requirement or a one-time service you need.


When you select a dog walker in the Wag app, it will show you multiple walk options. 

Compared to the Rover app, the Wag app provides more specific timeframes (one-hour slots). Hence, it is easy to choose your desired timings rather than looking only at morning, early afternoon, and evening slots provided by the Rover app.

Charges of Dog Walking Services


The Rover app demands $20 for a 30 minutes walk and $30 for one-hour walks. The boarding charges vary based on the city and walkers. However, the average boarding charge is $40 per night.


The walking charge that you have to pay when you hire the services of dog walkers registered with the Wag app is similar to what the workers registered with the Rover app charge, so $20 for a 30-minute walk and $30 for one-hour walks. However, the boarding charge is fixed at $20 per night, with an additional $15 for pickup.


Both Rover and Wag offer similar services, but there are a few differences between these two dog-walking apps. We hope that you have understood the differences between the apps. 

The Rover app gives you more information about the walker than the Wag app. However, the boarding cost of the Wag app is cheaper than the Rover app.

So, you should choose an app that offers you the best features and is within your budget. By choosing the best app, your pet will have an exciting time with the walker.

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