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    How Sleeping With Your Dog Can Reduce Anxiety

    For many of us, having a dog close by provides an extra level of comfort during rest. But did you know that this practice can offer health benefits as well? Find out how sleeping with your dog can lower anxiety.

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    Huskies Vs. Dog-Wolf Hybrids: What's the Difference?

    Are dogs really that different from wolves? While the two share many similarities, there are a number features and behaviors that set them apart. Read on to learn more about the distinctions that exist between wolves, dogs, and dog-wolf hybrids.

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    Three Tips to Help Your Senior Dog Make the Most of Its Health

    Your dog may be older, but that doesn’t mean he needs to stop being active. Read on to find out how you can keep your senior dog moving and having fun at virtually any age.

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    Dogs at Work: The Top Jobs for Our Canine Friends

    Dogs haven’t gained the title of man’s best friend for nothing, and their dedication and ability to help us carry out a variety of vital jobs has only grown over the centuries. Read on to find out how dogs continue to help humanity in major ways.

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    Urine Trouble: Are Small Dogs Lying About Their Size When They Pee?

    If you own a male dog, you’re probably very familiar with what it means when he stops and lifts his leg while you’re out on a stroll. But, according to a new study, if he’s a smaller dog, there may be more going on than you realize.

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